January 24, 2018

Soooooo...once upon a postpartum time, I had this radical idea to go on a vacation.  Alone. Just me. No children. 

An invitation to Cuba's Jazz Fest and an incredibly reasonably priced flight and AirBnB later I found myself in Havana! Solo. Actually, it was more like a girls' trip because my sister ended up joining me.  The point is that this was my first extended period of time away from Zuva since...

August 26, 2017


Black Breastfeeding Week has officially commenced, and as a Black mama who breastfeeds, I've been reflecting on my own personal breastfeeding journey with my now 15-month old daughter.  Specifically, I have wondered the following: do other breastfeeding mothers use a nursing session as an opportunity to fit in some much needed hair care?  I know I do. My daughter will hide from me when I so much as make...

July 22, 2016

I gave birth to my second child, Zuva, over two months ago.  This is her birth story in photos.

Home birth? In the Bronx, you ask?  My response is why not home birth? Especially in the Bronx.  I was born and raised here so I am unapologetic about the pride I have in my borough, but I've also experienced firsthand the undeniable disparity in the provision of maternal care services among Black and Brow...

This post is long overdue, but I find it absolutely necessary to share my spin on the Navajo ritual that is a BlessingWay.  For a couple of reasons.  One is that as women we need to practice more rituals.  The other is that as women of color we need to practice more rituals.  

I first learned what a BlessingWay was during my most recent pregnancy and instantly knew this is what I'd be doing...

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