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Sésé means sister in St. Lucian Creole.  The mission of Sésé Doula Services is to provide a sisterly presence for all birthing people and their partners during what is to be one of the most important times in their life.  During childbirth, the birthing person needs the guidance of an experienced, well trained individual who is well-educated on the changes being felt throughout this event, and the ways in which to manage those changes.  Sésé's aim is to provide high quality doula care to all persons in need.  The idea is that you'll have a sister's hand to hold and massage you, eyes to look into, shoulder to lean on and voice to reassure you throughout pregnancy, labor and childbirth.   


At Sésé Doula Services the belief is that ALL people deserve a sisterly presence throughout pregnancy and childbirth.  It is for this reason that we are based in the Bronx, NY, a notoriously underserved borough of NYC with some of the city's worst infant and maternal mortality rates.   Just as a sister would, Sésé seeks to meet parents where they are.  

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