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Nicole JeanBaptiste

Nicole: Mother of a 12-year old and a 4-year old. Doula. Certified Lactation Consultant. Maternal Health Consultant. Oral Historian. Yoga Instructor. Artivist. Bronx Native. Caribbean-Rooted. African-Centered. Global Minded.

Of Southern American and Caribbean ancestry and based in the Bronx, NY, I strive to center the borough and the Black experience in the birth and social justice activism in which I engage.  I recently served as a Community Doula Consultant for the New York City Health Department’s COVID-19 Perinatal Taskforce. I am the founder of Sésé Doula Services and co-founder of the Bx (Re)Birth and Progress Collective.   

I received formal training to become a Full Spectrum Doula through Ancient Song Doula Services in April of 2014 and once again through the Matrona Holistic Birth Doula Program.  I was prompted to enroll in this training course as birthing has always been one of my immutable fascinations.  Enamored by the enormous strength displayed by people in labor and the waves of emotion flowing through each member of the birthing team, I'd find myself as a child engrossed in episodes of TLC's Maternity Ward series.  In other words, I am certain that birth work is what I am meant to do with my life.  My ultimate goals are to open a community wellness center in the North Bronx and to become a midwife. 

I have served families whose cultural and linguistic backgrounds vary.  I have been a doula to clients in hospital settings and at home.

In May of 2015, I received a Masters degree in Oral History from Columbia University.  As an MA student I designed and executed an oral history project on the evolution of birthing practices among women of African descent and how this may be linked to the history of midwifery in the American South. 

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